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Sketch of the Night - A Mohawk

For whatever reason, I have been thinking about hairstyles recently. What does a Mohawk look like? Without having any references I tried to sketch what a Mohawk means to me. I went through three iterations to get to this (and it still needs work) trying out different facial expression each time. Notable difficulties included getting the nose into the right place, getting the curves of the nostrils correct, and getting the forehead to not look alien. One other thing that I tried was taking away as much as possible. This picture was far more busy with stray lines which are distracting. Less is more.

And, because I like to make up little stories about people, this is a picture of Ted. He’s walking back from the concert in the heat of a Summer’s night. His car’s tires were slashed by some jackass yesterday morning for reasons unknown, so it’s on foot for now. He doesn’t care too much about that old beater anyways; just one less thing to remind him of his life back in Memphis. An aroma of sweat and stale beer follow him around this evening. Uh oh, he’s walking towards you. “What are you looking at?”



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