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Drawing a Squash

The assignment from this week was to “render” a squash. This was done using the full range of graphite pencils, starting from HB all the way down to 5B. It may be difficult to see, but the original still life was green with speckles of yellow along the valleys of the curves.

Something perplexing I have noticed is that the picture itself looks rather noisy. There are numerous stray lines, mistakes, and other curios embedded in the drawing. However, stepping back and looking at the image as a whole suddenly appears correct. Over the course of the 10-ish hours it took to make this, I stepped back from my drawing horse, stared at the subject and then stared at my drawing. Each time the drawing would match the fruit both in shape and brightness despite its up-close behavior. More practice is required.

Side note: if you are interested in learning to draw, it will take about 7 weeks to get to this stage. I am slowly realizing that the quality of a drawing is mostly influenced by the amount of time spent on the drawing, rather than who drew it.

image of a squash

Squash (Full)


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