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Comic Day 2

It has been pretty fun drawing these past few months, and I would like to keep getting better at it. To this end, I have made my new years resolution to draw for an hour every day which I have been able to keep up for the past month. I even went so far as to get a drawing tablet for my computer to practice in a medium other than charcoal or graphite.

So, to this end, I made another comic:

peanut butter

Some initial thoughts:

From the “Paper doesn’t spontaneously combust” land:

Drawing on paper vs. on a computer is really quite different, as I found out on my first attempt to try it out. I meticulously spent 90 minutes making the comic you see above, and went to save it. Photoshop helpfully offered to open it in Image Ready, which I was curious to see. Opening it in ImageReady looked kind of cool, but I was more interested in actually saving the file, so I closed ImageReady. Big Mistake. Photoshop silently closed its copy when it opened up in IR, which meant my hour and a half was completely wasted. I chalked it up to be a learning experience (Thank goodness it happened on the very first one!). Coming from a world of paper and pencil, it just isn’t something I thought about until it happened.


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